Symbolism of the Crown

Each of the 5 points on the crown represent a principle in our organization’s mission. Together, the first letter of each of those five principles spells:

S. E. R. V. E.

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Miss Volunteer America encourages young women to achieve their higher education goals by providing scholarships for excellence. Our program strives to help young women graduate with little to no debt in order to establish financial independence as quickly as possible



Education leads to enlightenment and success for individuals, and economic growth, stability, and increased unity for society as a whole. Miss Volunteer America is focused on the goal of helping provide higher education opportunities to young women across the country.



Miss Volunteer America seeks to cultivate "Responsibility" in young women because it is an investment in their future success. Learning responsibility leads to independent achievement and increased self-esteem. Being accountable for their personal lives through education, organization, and development increased their ability to become respected, reliable resources for their employers, families, and respective communities.



Our name suggests, our organization is completely comprised of an unpaid, all-volunteer staff; many of whom work year round for this cause. Miss Volunteer America requires volunteerism from all of it's participants because it offers help to people in need, worthwhile causes, and the greater good of the community. Serving others also benefits the volunteer by boosting self-work and providing a sense of increased purpose.



We are advocates for the empowerment of women! The result of the journey through this program process above all is personal growth. Young women become stronger, more confident versions of themselves. Scholarships are received, education is pursued, responsibility is learned, communication and interpersonal skills are improved, volunteerism is fulfilled, and as a result young women are empowered!